Friday, January 18, 2019

Dyafa: Arabic Cuisine in Jack London Square in Oakland

Kefta at Dyafa.

We wanted to try something new for Restaurant Week in Oakland, so we came here. As you can see from the outside and indoor shot, Dyafa's got a great view of the Oakland Marina in Jack London Square.

Damascus Lemonade: lemon, mint, & orange blossom water.

Kefta Burger Flatbread Wrap with onion, parsley, red cabbage, tahini and spices (including Zahtar, I do believe). All the constituent pieces of this dish set a new gold standard for me. The pita bread tasted very fresh, a scrumptious interplay between the spongy inside and slightly charred outside. The beef was very juicy considering it was more on the medium side rather than medium rare, and tastes like prime quality ground with spice accents. The vegetables are bright & fresh.

Fattoush: our salads included chicory, that bitter winter green that plays well off the pomegranate seeds and dressing. All the vegetables were crisp and quite flavorful. All said, a perfect lunch. We shall return to explore the menu further.

44 Webster Street, Oakland

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