Saturday, August 11, 2018

What's Cooking In My Kitchen, Pt. 2

Stonefruit & breakfast cereal with blueberries.

Brussels sprouts, lentils, sausage, onion.

Chicken mole & nopales.

Crabcakes, pre-cooked.

Crabcakes frying.

Crabcakes ready to eat.

Cranberries with orange zest.

Crab louie.

Roasted game hen & rice.

Northern California BLT (Arugula, Organic Tomatoes, Proscuitto & Manchego over baguette slices).

Ingredients for an Old Fashioned Cocktail.

Paella. Mussels and shrimp steaming over saffron rice.

Serving of Paella.

Peach slices with sprouts in foreground.

Pea shoot salad with ahi tuna.

Above & below: Persian Chicken.

Ravioli prep.

Ravioli closeup.

Ravioli and crab louie.

Another ravioli dish.

Pesto ravioli with parmesan, arugula and wine.

Ridgeback Prawns, with light butter & garlic saute.

 Ridgeback prawns served with sausage, rice and salad.

Above and below: fish risotto.

Robin's birthday chile crab.

Smoked meats from Russian grocery in SF.

Sand dabs.

Shrimp & shard taco.

Roasting Spices.

Squash blossom quesadilla.

Italian squash.

Squash blossom prep.

Squid salad.

Above & two below: steak, broccoli, boletes, arugula, potatoes.

Wild & Brown Rice stuffing.

Above & below: Sturgeon & Shrimp from Half Moon Bay.

Above and below: Okra & Tempeh.

Above and two below: prep for Thanksgiving feast: crabcakes, broccoli rabe, and tart.

Tuna & Quinoa.

Saturday, August 4, 2018

Mariscos El Sinaloense: Mexican Cuisine in Vallejo

Aguachiles at Mariscos El Sinaloense in Vallejo.

Mariscos El Sinaloense is located off Interstate on Benicia Road, in an unincorporated zone surrounded by Vallejo. There's been several Central American restaurants in this location, and these guys are fairly new to the scene, and getting some good word of mouth.

First off: we got chips and salsa and some Agua Frescas to start off with. We both got Cantaloupe, which was perfectly ripe and delicious. No sugar added, as you'll find with some Agua Frescas. Mariscos El Sinaloense has a huge selection of fruit juices on their menu.

Since this was our first time, I ordered some tacos to get a sense of the cuisine. From left: Pastor, Asada, and Carnitas (close up of the Carnitas below). The Pastor and Asada was pretty good, but the Carnitas were spot on, great bold flavor, and no greasy taste. 

Robin got a Fish Taco and Chile Relleno Ala Carte. Both were pretty good, though a little salty due to  the mix they were using.

Here was the main event, their aguachiles. Not sure how I've not experienced this dish before. Raw shrimp cooked in lime with chipotle sauce, cucumber and red onion. Perfect salad dish on a hot day. Chipotle not overwhelming, with just enough heat to line your brow with sweat.

Mariscos El Sinaloense
541 Benicia Road
Vallejo, CA

Phone number