Wednesday, October 11, 2017

3 Star Restaurant: Filipino & Cantonese Cuisine in Vallejo

Garlic Sauce Chicken Wings at 3 Star Restaurant

We were looking to try some place new, and we had dismissed looking in the part of the strip mall where 3 Star is located because it used to be a vacant storefront that looked a bit dingy, but now it looks neat, clean & tidy. Most of the online reviews looked very positive, but we tend to be skeptical. 

Above and below: House Special Chow Fun With Gravy. Noodles, Bok Choy, Carrots, Pork, Chicken,  Mushrooms, Shrimp. Solid Umami flavors, meats tasted good, not spicy. Noodles were probably dry, and a bit on the overcooked side in my estimation. Bok Choy cooked perfectly.

Above and below: a selection from the Filipino Menu, String Beans With Coconut Milk (tomato, onion, shrimp, pork). You'll also notice tender strips of kabocha squash, which reinforces the fact this is comfort food. I assumed that the combination of tomato with coconut made this dish pink, but there were also pink flecks, maybe from some sort of shrimp paste. Nice, welcoming flavors, not very spicy, but there's a bowl of chile sauce at the table if you need it. 

OK, here's the jackpot dish. Garlic Sauce Chicken Wings, very similar to the chicken wings at San Francisco's San Tung restaurant. One of the top best dishes in Vallejo, and by far the best chicken dish. I can't think of one that comes close. Perfectly fried chicken wings in a slightly spicy sweet garlicky sesame sauce; the crunch on these babies is as perfect as can be.

3 Star Restaurant

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