Friday, September 8, 2017

Limoncello: Italian Deli at Sutter & Franklin in San Francisco

Spinach-Ricotta Ravioli at Limoncello

I usually don't work on Thursdays, but I had to switch my schedule up, and was out looking for some caffeine along Franklin, and spotted one of those blue Lavazza signs down the street.

There used to be an OK bodega here, but last time I ventured down to Sutter I noticed they were gone.

I stepped in to check it out, and what a transformation. I ended up getting a double espresso and a slice of dark chocolate fondant cake, sipping and nibbling at one of the cafe tables out front. Superb. I saw that this place has all kinds of sandwiches, deli items, and groceries. Very choice selection.

I went there the other day, and got this, a Goodfella sandwich. Roast beef, prosciutto, salami, and provolone cheese with fresh tomato, basil, oil and vinegar, salt and pepper on bread delivered fresh that morning. We're talking top-level stuff here, up with Genoa Deli and Molinari's. 

Next visit, I decided to try one of their BLTs. Easily the best one I've ever had at a restaurant. Perfectly ripe tomato & mixed greens. Bacon cooked crisp as soon as I ordered it.

Today I got some selections from the deli cold case.

Tomato, mozzarella & basil salad, with vinaigrette. 

Above and below: lasagna bolognese.

And, at last, perhaps my favorite dish, spinach ricotta ravioli. Nice amount of garlic in the tomato sauce.

1400 Sutter St., SF
(415) 638-6361

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