Thursday, April 20, 2017

The Kitchen: Dim Sum in Millbrae, CA

Shiu Mai & Sticky Rice Wrapped In Lotus Leaf at The Kitchen in Millbrae.
I rarely find myself in the South Bay, but whenever I'm there, I try to check out one of the many great Asian restaurants. We've tried to eat at The Kitchen before, because it came so highly recommended. 

Above and below: Sticky Rice in Lotus Leaf. The contents are a blend of pork and Chinese sausage. Tasted like a bit of seafood in there too. Delicious start.

Shiu Mai. Obviously the real version, all the others are poor parodies of this. Dark meat chicken, possibly a bit of shrimp. Intense chicken flavor.

Above and below: Steamed Shrimp Dumpling. Eating these beautiful dumplings is a bit like eating a Faberge Egg. But in this case, with perfectly cooked, moist shrimp inside.

Above & below: Pea Sprouts Dumpling. Stuffed also with delicious shrimp. At this point I was marvelling that they could match or top the previous dish.

And, finally, behold: Veggie Tofu Skin Roll. Fried tofu stuffed with intense Shittake mushrooms. Easily the best Tofu dish I've ever had, and probably the best vegan dish I've ever had at a restaurant. Is it any wonder that all the close competitors would be other dishes I've had at Chinese restaurants?

The Kitchen
279 El Camino Real, Millbrae, CA 94030
Hours: 11am -2:30 pm & 5pm - 1am
(650) 692-9688

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