Sunday, March 19, 2017

Mehran Restaurant: Indian & Pakistani Cuisine in Pittsburg, CA

Here's a place Robin's been to before, similar format of most Indian restaurants with lunch buffet followed by dinner menu at night. Also, like some other restaurants we've seen in other parts of the SF Bay region, this little strip center connects with other rooms one can rent out for catered events, weddings, corporate dinners, etc. Very affordable prices, huge portions, and absolutely delectable cuisine.

One of the best Bhindi Masalas I've ever had, remarkable for the fact that all the ingredients tasted so fresh. Okra cooked in onion and spices--much less cooked than most places, rendering a version that's  more about the natural flavor of the okra.

Above: Goat Korma, tender and still on the bone. Typically, I've found Korma dishes to not be quite this color, as they are usually yogurt based, sometimes cashew based, and given the flavor and aroma of this version, I'd say the color comes from the extra spices, notably turmeric and ground chile powder, along with many other spices, and a good quantity of them, some clearly roasted and ground recently, given how keenly vivid they are on the palette. 

Lamb Palak, boneless lamb cook with spinach. Somewhat similar to Lamb Saag dishes we've had, but once again, Mehran doesn't skimp when it comes to spices. There's so many spices happening in every bite, it's challenging to detail the entire panoply. Mehran is up there with the finest Indian & Pakistani restaurants in the Bay Area.

Mehran Restaurat

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